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Story of Margareta and Pauli

The married couple from Helsinki, Margareta ja Pauli, were together nearly fifty years. Their mutual journey began almost immediately after the World War II, in 1948, when they were wedded in the Old Church in Helsinki, and it ended not until the death of Margareta in 2005.

Leppäkunnas website consists of a family history of the couple, photos and stories from over 100 years. The whole constitutes a picture of an ordinary Finnish family in a time, when the whole world was in front of great difficulties and much turmoil.


Margareta and Pauli

MARGARETA wasborn in Helsinki in the middle of civil war in spring 1918, when the Reds ruled the city and there were gunmen and women ruling on the streets. After the civil the winners organized "cleanings" in the new independet state of Finland. Also the father of Margareta was obliged to resign from his work in the Sönäinen penitentiary.

PAULI was born in Viipuri, a town which is now on the Russian side of the border. His parents were forced to flee from their home in the Carelian isthmus twice, and ended up in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. They managed to buy a house there, with the compensations of their lost property in the war. In this same house Margareta and Pauli set up their home later.